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(No posting in this area until the first plot is done then we may Brainstorm ideas for new one)

Ok so this season of digimon is still not in America yet but you can go on youtube and find a Fan made Dub of the first two epsidoes and ou will get the idea of what your dealing with. Now heres the plot. Ever since Taki Kudo had entered the Digital World years ago with his friends they had faught the war and made the digital world a better place. Now it's 5 years later and Taiki has grown up. A digimon named Orochimon has made another army of digimon called the Duranga Army and is taking over the Digital World. In an act of desparity a survivor of a Village Raid and close friend to the Digimon Cherubimon named Bokomon was given the power to give children he ability to use the Xros Loader again. On that day the boy named Taiki's Xros Loader had started vibrating then in a flash of light of multiple colors shot out of the item and into the sky looking for the child that was chosen for it. Now your having a normal day when all of a sudden you see a colorful light falling out of the sky and hitting near you. You go there to find what has happened. there you will find the image of Bokomon. He will ask you whether you want your Xros Loader or not. if you except you will create an Army trying to stop the Duranga Army. if you say no you will be brought to the digital world as well but instad help the digimon from the After Math of the chaos the war has brought. Will you join the war or help the people its hurt? the choice is yours to decide. The adventure starts here.


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